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Lead management is the very process of acquiring, evaluating and generating leads with marketing for the sales team. Most of the companies have no standard system in place for properly managing leads, so selecting genuine buyers from those just browsing around, is a difficult and time-consuming task. Sales departments often receive weak leads, leading to time wastage and ultimately losing revenue. Many a times, only 25% of leads from any sales channel are legitimate prospects.

MaduraiMart offers you a single unified database with complete Lead management services in Madurai priced to fit your budget. You no longer need to waste time combining data from different tools. Our database seamlessly integrates your marketing or sales interaction into a single profile. We draw every single detail between leads and your brand to organize them in one place.


MaduraiMart databases are built keeping in mind your marketers and sales reps. with the help of our lead management, marketers can now score and connect with leads easily. Sales reps can easily monitor every interaction between a lead and your company. The database can be easily integrated with the tools your team uses. You can connect with popular tools like GoToWebinar and Salesforce without any hassle. Custom integrations can also be built based on your specific needs.

MaduraiMart is a prominent Lead management company in Madurai that offers web-based Sales Lead Management and simple CRM applications, designed to be flexible and easy to use. You can now Sort, organize and manage your sales leads online smoothly. Configure your automatic email responses easily and schedule the follow up. Based on genuine lead data you can create and deploy email marketing campaigns for your business. Set up web contact forms easily and communicate with your sales prospects. You can also send mass email messages and manage mail list easily.

Why choose MaduraiMart Lead Management Services?

Track all the information about your leads and convert them into real opportunities. You get to know from which marketing campaign a lead came from, its contact information, and monitor all relevant activities to help convert more leads.

Always ensure that your leads do not crack by setting up automatic lead scoring and routing to the right sales rep while leads are hot

Track and manage marketing campaigns across all channels, including social media. By studying your leads correctly you can make smarter decisions about investments. It enables you to show data about the impact of your marketing activities on sales pipeline.


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